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2) Exclusiv Light Long Human


2) Exclusiv Light Long Human
2) Exclusiv Light Long Human
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Exclusiv Light Long Human Hair wig Gisela Mayer

It's official, the Exclusiv Light Long, Human Hair wig is one of our favourites! It is so soft, a fabulous cap construction and so very, very gorgeous.

Take a look at the What's Inside details to see the cap construction. This has a DOUBLE MONOFILAMENT top for total naturalness and comfort. Plus a completely HAND TIED back which will feel soft and secure against your head.

So we have ticked off the stunning quality, now let's get to the fabulous shape of the Exclusiv Light Long wig. The long open fringe measures 40cm, so you can wear to the side, centre or if you prefer have a fringe cut in. The measurement from crown to back tips is 61cm. Long, luscious and fabulously feminine. Because the hair is so soft, the movement of this Human Hair is fabulously realistic.

Purchasing a Human Hair wig is an investment that should be a considered decision. We trust, and therefore you can trust that your decision to buy from this fabulous range, will be the right one.


Hair Length: 60cm
SKU: Exclusiv1
Collection: Classic Collection
Color Shown: 6/30
Cap Construction: Poly Strip / Monofilament / Handtied
Cap Size: Average
Hair Type: Remy Human Hair

Top and Crown: The TOP area of this wig is a HAND TIED, MONOFILAMENT construction. This means that wherever you part the wig, it will give the impression that the hair is coming from your own scalp. This wig also has an additional feature of being DOUBLE MONOFILAMENT. This soft layer which is given extra support due to a clever design of delicate diamond shaped stitching, will protect your scalp from the handknotting This will ensure that it will feel like silk against your skin, an important benefit if you are wearing this wig due to hairloss.

1. There is also a POLY STRIP strip section at the front of the wig, where you would normally locate your natural hairline. It is here where you can apply wig tape, or glue. Even without     tape being applied, this section will prevent slipping.

2. Temple: Here is a beautifully constructed COMFORT strip. It is a closed, net material section which has been completely hand tied, it is slightly flexible, so you can adjust until it sits comfortably against your skin.

3. Body: For ultimate comfort, ALL of the body has been HANDTIED. This creates an amazing softness against your scalp. Perfect if you have hairloss. There is also a minimum qty of    seams, so the wig will hug and conform to your head for a better fit.

4. Nape: Here is a beautifully constructed COMFORT strip which cleverly extends to cover the NAPE. It is a closed, net material section which has been completely hand tied.
   The wig is secured by a RIbbon & Hook feature. There is up to half an inch give, so the wig can be tightened, or slackened depending upon the size of your head.

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