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Service voucher / Payment commitment

FOR INFORMATION: Please note that when you receive the Payment Commitment / Service Voucher, it includes a service provider list where you can see the companies that offer wig service, if the name of the Extra Hair company, for example, is not found on the list, it may have been left off their list, this has happened in a few cases. Contact us by email if you can't find the company Extra Hair in the list.

You are warmly welcome to our wig shop Pietarsaari, Address: Päiväkummuntie 65, 68660 Pietarsaari. We have a versatile and wide selection of wigs at affordable prices! Standard sizes in S, S/M, M, M/L and L sizes. We also have a wide range of colors.

When you come to do business, we always take your wishes into account and, if necessary, make suggestions about suitable wig models. We also tell you about the properties and manufacturing methods of the products, as well as things related to wig care. By arranging, we will surely find a wig that you like, that is natural and fits well.

You can also get high-quality hair extensions for different stages of hair loss and all care and styling products suitable for our products. The high-quality Jon Renau and Gisela Mayer turbans that have gained great popularity are also part of our product range.

You can easily use your Payment Commitment or Service Voucher in our store. We are a service voucher producer approved by several welfare area of the hospital district. Using a service voucher or payment commitment is effortless and easy for you.

Care products and accessories

You can also find all wig care products and accessories in the store. Our product selection includes high-quality care products developed for fiber hair and heat-resistant hair as well as human hair wigs. Mounting accessories, skin tapes, brushes and stands are also available.

If you have an service voucher / payment commitment from the city, municipality or hospital district, you can get fiber or real hair for your wig by placing an order by e-mail to the address:

Send the original service voucher/payment commitment to Extra Hair address Saukontie 3 68660 Pietarsaari. You can speed up the process of the order by sending a picture of the service voucher/payment commitment or a scanned service voucher/payment commitment to the e-mail address

Payment commitment / Service voucher

• Appointments by phone or e-mail: Tel: 0503265222 or
• Payment commitment when buying from the online store: You can also buy a wig from the online store with the payment commitment of your own hospital district, notify us by e-mailing when you order from the online store.
• With a service voucher: Only with an appointment
• Wig service: Teija Niutanen
• Extra Hair has an office with a private room for fitting.
• Address: Päiväkummuntie 65, 68600 Pietarsaari
• With your own car: Parking is free and there is also a barrier-free passage.
• If you need a statement on your own hospital district's payment commitment, you can request a written statement from us or we will contact the hospital district ourselves.

You can freely choose any wig from the Extra Hair wig selection. If the price of the product is more than the amount of the payment commitment or service voucher , you only pay the excess part of the product price, if the payment commitment says VAT 0%, then + VAT 24% is added to the excess part.

NOTE! A wig purchased with a payment commitment can be serviced at no cost to the customer.
The customer gets detergents for the wig/accessory purchased with a payment commitment at no cost.